Sponsorship for Haus420 events are INEXPENSIVE, and we do this on purpose! Events range from $200.00 to $1,200.00 depending on the venue, and cost of venue rental, music provider, and level of sponsorship.

Get your brand in front of budtenders, buyers and owners in a casual, and fun atmosphere.

We bring exposure to brands that are worthy, but don't necessarily have huge marketing budgets.

What you get as a sponsor:

  • A table space at the event 

  • Listing on our event website, and link-thru's to your web page

  • Permanent listing on our Legacy Brands page, and link-thru's to your web page

  • Links to images from the events, with free-use

  • Space for up to 2-4 brand reps to showcase your products

  • Music is ALWAYS included at our events

  • We always have games-of-skill for prizes. Brands can sponsor Grand Prizes, ask us how.  NEVER the same thing twice!

What you need to bring:

  • A small 4 foot folding table, with table cloth (folding chair if you want, not necessary)

  • Minimal products to show and share (no cannabis sales allowed)

  • Brand Promo materials

  • Some decorative flowers for color at your table.

  • A snack food to share (pre-packaged, or separated servings). This is not required, but would be nice.

  • If you are selling Non-Cannabis items, make sure you have enough, or store in your car.

  • DO NOT come to the event heavily loaded with stuff! This is supposed to fun for you as well. Keep it simple

ALL we ask is that you bring your love of the plant to the event, along with your help and a communal spirit.


See you at the next event!!